We're Growing!

Lianimals Ranch began selling hand-collected native Mojave Desert seeds in 2013.  Seed sales have been steady and now, we're ready to Grow!  In Every sense of the word, Lianimals Ranch is looking to spread our branches into on-site and online plant sales and customized grow-out services.   Contact Us to submit orders now for late-June seedlings, available for on-site pick-up or shipping at reasonable rates:

Joshua Trees

Johua trees (Yucca brevifolia) are a unique and remarkable addition to the arid (Zones 8 - 10) garden and also make wonderful container plants and even Bonsai beautifully!  Contact us to submit your order for three to five-week old seedlings ($8.00/ea.) available for sale starting June, 2017!

Mojave Yucca (aka Spanish Dagger)

Mojave yucca (Yucca schidigera) are like short, fat versions of their cousin, the Joshua tree. Baby schidigera will be available soon for $9.00/each and should be kept in pots away from foraging animals for about two years before planting outdoors.


We presently have a large selection of native, hand-collected seed stocks available for creating your custom drought-tolerant garden!  Just let us know what species and numbers of seedlings you're interested in, and we'll get to planting!  Contact Us for a list of currently-available species.

What our customers are saying

After being planted, both packets sprouted at the same time and I have happy little 6 inch tall leaves!

Allison - Verified Amazon purchase

What our customers are saying

Every single one of these seeds has sprouted in record time.

Sandra - Verified Amazon purchase