Our Humble Beginnings!

An overview of the south field at Lianimals Ranch shortly after moving in:  a sad, shaved-down sand plot devoid of any native vegetation and worse yet, crawling with "goat heads" (Tribulus terrestris).

Desert lily plant, Lianimals Ranch

We started with olive trees, planting around 24 seedlings of several varietals in 2010.  About half those original plantings are still going strong but unfortunately, the howling Mojave Desert winds have yet to allow an olive crop.  SO, if you can't beat 'em, Join 'em, as the saying goes and we turned our attention to native plants that love the harsh desert conditions and Lianimals Ranch Products was born!

Now, we strive to grow our seed collection every year with unique and hardy desert species.  Each spring and fall finds us out collecting seeds from a variety of sources and locations, always being careful to select just a small portion of each plants' seed crop to be sure plenty of seed will be available to start the parent plant's next generation.  Seed is carefully handled, cleaned and packaged for sale to dedicated (or, just curious) plant lovers like you!